As you know, finding the right talent for your team is a critical challenge for a growing businesses. In fact,  it is the one challenge which gets more difficult over time (RippleWorks, The Human Capital Crisis).

“A team becomes the people it hires”. The most common problem entrepreneurs face in raising their next round and hitting their key milestones is hiring the right team. A good CEO should spend a significant–perhaps the majority– of their time on this but where to start?

Vilcap Talent is a project developed by venture captal firm Village Capital. Over the past 2 years we have been paying increasing attention to the recurring challenge of human capital in our alumni and portfolio companies. We have published numerous articles and studies exploring the challenges including : “Show me What You Can do,”Bridging the Pioneer Gap” and “Breaking the Pattern.” 

Through the Argidius AATC Talent Challenge catalyst fund Village Capital secured funding to build out solutions to “improve access to talent” for SGBs in Emerging Markets. This is realised with the support of The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs.

In line with Village Capital expertise, this work will better prepare early stage businesses for growth, improving their investment readiness and providing an example of how other eco-system supporters can support SGBs. This initiative is improving SGBs’ ability to acquire talent through the following products:

    • Job Fairs: connecting startups / SGBs in emerging markets with talent in Africa and Latin America
    • Job Board:  Online market-network connecting talent and startups / SGBs within three markets – Africa, Mexico and India
    • **ALPHA Version**Open Source Human Capital Curriculum and Guide, for early stage businesses in emerging markets to improve their human capital strategy

We would like to say thank you to the incredible partners we work with Edge Consulting, Shortlist, Open Capital Advisors, Amani Institute, African Management Initiative, Resonate, RippleWorks, Spire, Impact Hub Mexico, iHub Nairobi, Argidius and ANDE.

If you are interested to learn more about our work or partner please email [email protected]

**IMPORTANT NOTE** All these products are a work in progress – a process of continual improvement – if you do have comments / feedback please do email Product Manager (Rachel) on the email above.